Slight change of direction!


After much consideration and taking advice from several people, we’ve decided to make a slight change to our route.

We’re now going to do it backwards. That doesn’t mean cycling backwards of course – we’re mad, not stupid!

The route will now take us from Land’s End to John O’Groats instead of vica-versa.

The reasons for going the other way (it all being down-hill going north to south, and also not having a very long trek home afterwards) were slightly outweighed by the fact that cycling through Cornwall is supposed to be a bit of a mare, and also at that time of year, the prevailing wind is from the South-West and neither of us relished the idea of cycling over 800 miles against a prevailing wind.

So, we now have a cunning new masterplan and route which takes us from Lands End to John O’Groats via Bodmin, Exeter, Chepstow, Shrewsbury, Leyland, Penrith, Elvanfoot, Tarbet, Spean Bridge, Tain and Wick (a very conservative 849 miles!).

We’ve also decided now that we’ll only stop at the O2 sites in Preston Brook and Glasgow as Bury turned out to add quite some distance to our route.


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