Day 0 – Sunday June 3rd


Today we were travelling down to Penzance from Reading, Overton, etc.


The plan was to meet at Overton at 11am and then head down in convoy from there. Phil, who was joining us from Woking, was catching the train to arrive at about 10:30 – unfortunately, the reliable train service surprisingly let us down, and left Phil on a bus to Overton, which gave him a good chance to nod off (and miss the calls to arrange to meet him at basingstoke). 

Next stop was Penzance, but before we got there we decided we needed some lunch. So, we chose a modest little village (Ashill) with a local pub in which to fulfill our culinary desires. On entering said establishment, we realised that we had been transported into a scene from the Leage of Gentlemen, being greeted by the 200 year old barmaid. The establishment was a charming little place from the 1970’s, complete with antiqued furniture, artexed walls and ceilings, wood panel walls, a carpet that was suffering from a manic pattern, and a heating system set to a modest 75 degrees centigrade (at least!).

We were by far the youngest patrons of the pub (even if you count our combined age…) and, not only did every one know each other, we are fairly sure they are all related to one another. 

Having said that, the service was good and the food was fine.  We were pleasently surprised by the veg which were firm and well cooked – we had expected soggy greens that we had been on the stove since Christmas.  Ho hum. However, 3 of us had vegetarian Lasagna, but this did come with Yorkshire Pud as per the carvery!

Next, on to Penzance. We had to split up as Ben and I had to meet Shannon at Bodmin Park train station – a picture postcard train station complete with passing steam train. I can highly recommend their hot chocolate and fudge brownies, but don’t mention this to Mike 😉 

Phil and Mike carried on to Penzance directly to find the hotel, and we joined them shortly after, via a short in-town detour via the local slip-ramp into the sea, and numerous very tight looking alleyways that they call roads.

The A30 is very, very long!  Some folk have described it as undulating – they clearly need psychiatric attention.  It’s nothing but hill after hill after hill, some of them many miles long.  Derek described them as evil. Well, we see just how evil tomorrow. 

The hotel is, er, very interesting. The rooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, one with as many as 4 single beds (party!), one with seperate rooms for loo, sink and shower (oh, and one for the bed too). In general though, it’s clean and pleasant, and they allowed us to lock the bikes away in the function room overnight for safety. 

The weather throughout the day has varied just as much – Reading and Overton were hot and sunny, but the closer we got to the start point, the heavier the rain has become. Fortunately, at 7pm in the evening, it seems to be clearning up and is looking like a good day tomorrow. 

Beer of the day

For this evenings tipple, we’re sampling a pint (or two) of the local beer – Tribute. Mike, being the expert in these areas, described it as Yummy. Ben, however, described it as hoppy nosed and dextrously balanced with a smooth aftertaste and a hint of lime. Whichever way we looked at it, the beer flowed down well and was gone before we had sufficient chance to review it properly. 


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