Day 1 – Monday June 4th


Ready to go.Land’s End to Camelford

Derek: Today was the first real day of our ride. We were up nice and early (too early for me – mostly due to fighting cats, pigeon’s, and fast cars right outside my bedroom window, not to mention the very noisy air con unit that kicked-in every 20 minutes or so).

We drove the final 8 miles to Land’s End, to discover a very nice hotel located right there – maybe next time!! After getting our forms signed, etc, we set off at abouit 8:30 in the morning.

Our original plan had as arriving for an early lunch in Redruth, but in fact we were there by about 10:30. So, we decided to cycle back up the really steep hill we decended to get there, and hop back onto the A30.

Surprisingly, the A30 was actually a good road to cycle on – the hills that had scared us the day before on our journey down weren’t half as bad as they appeared.

Unfortunately, things weren’t quite so nice in the afternoon – we moved off onto quiet country lanes which in themselves were nice, but they did suffer from a multitude of nasty “bumps”, this was compounded by the fact that the wind that normally comes from the south-west at this time of year decided to come from the North today, which was exactly where we were heading.

This definitely caused me to struggle for the final 10 miles or so – so much that I had to resort to using the granny ring just to get to our bed for the night.

Mike: We started our just after 8.15 in grey and bleak conditions, the wind was whistling and felt, shall we say, brisk (some might say, freezing)

The first couple of hills warmed us up nicely and we cruised through Penzance before we knew it. We pretty much stayed on the A30 except for a detour (deliberate) around Hayle and reached Redruth by 10.30am. Redruth was originally planned as our lunchstop so we stopped for 30 minutes and re-fuelled.
Lesson of the day – when you put your cycle helmet on, make sure your sunglasses are not already on your head
The bad news was that Redruth was at the bottom of a steep hilll so we had to climb it to get back on the A30.

We continued along that road until the A3076 and met up with Phil, Shannon and Ben who had been to Padstow and brought us some pasties (Veggie for me). We adjourned to a nearby pub for some refreshment and rest.

Shannon and Ben returned to the metropolis of London while we continued on to Camelford via St Columb which meant B roads. The thing with Cornish B roads, while they are quieter they have the occasional sheep in the middle (especially at the bottom of hills!), more significantly, they are steeper than A roads.

The last hill up to Camelford was a real challenge, it went on for miles and after 65 miles it was hard work. We met up with Phil at the Lanteglos, which is an oasis in the middle of hills. A hot bath and some “recovery rub” later and I was much refreshed.

Tomorrow beckons….

Phil: general support person: A good day has been had in the support function choosing where to stop for breakfast coffee and lunch was about as tricky as it got – thank goodness for that.

Weather wise – it got a lot warmer during the day – eventually the sun was out all the time.

Looking forwrad to supper and tomorrow, the boys look good and have found the going not as awesome as they thought, there is always tomorrow.

Beer of the day

Today’s local tipple, from Lanteglos, is Duchy – Phil personally doesn’t like this beer, Mike isn’t overly keen and says it has a tangy aftertaste, and Derek describes it as a cross between cider and Bass shandy.


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  1. bpitch Says:

    Lanteglos sounds like a place to avoid if the beer is as you describe! 🙂

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