Get Involved

Hopefully by now you’ve read what we’re up to and who we’re trying to raise money for. If you think you can help in any of the ways mentioned below, then please let us know using the Contact Us page.


Firstly, of course, we would welcome your sponsorship and donations to one or more of our chosen charities.

Additionally, help us to raise money for this event. Hold a local event, get your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor us, or think of other ways of getting involved. We’d love to hear from you.

Join Our Support Team?

We can’t do this ride alone. We’re planning to travel the whole length of the country and that needs a lot of planning, preparation and support.

If you’re interested, we need help with this, and with supporting us on the journey (driving from site to site with our luggage, helping us with any issues, acting as our emergency response team – or hopefully, not).

Ride with Us?

While we are the only two doing the whole end-to-end ride, we would certainly welcome some company along the route.

So, if you think you’re up to it, why not volunteer to join us for either a morning, an afternoon, or if you’re feeling quite fit a whole day.

This isn’t a race, so we won’t be blasting along at 30mph (even if we could).

We would like to place some conditions on this. Firstly, you need to believe you can cover the journey. Secondly, we ask that you join in the fund-raising and as such ask that you raise at least £100 for any of the chosen charities for each half-day ride, or £200 for a whole day.


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